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Rafting on Dunajec (55 km)

The river Dunajec is situated in beautiful canyon called Prielom Dunajca - Dunajec gorge. For 18 km the river Dunajec forms the border between Slovakia and Poland. The river Dunajec runs through the National park of Pieniny. The rafts are also suitable for people, who never been in a boat or raft before. For example families with children, business trips, etc. You are accompanied by an instructor / guide. At the end of your trip there is available a picnic area. Here, underneath wooden shelters, they serve traditional goral speciality meals, this is accompanied by traditional folk music.

At the end of your trip you can either walk along the park by side of the river or take a mountain bike along the path by the river or simply catch a bus. The paths along the riverside have information boards at regular intervals. 

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